Monthly Archives: February 2013

What is it all about?


I have travelled a lot during my life and I don’t just mean holidays; relocating to various countries, towns and villages is also a part of that. It brings a great strength in that I find myself adapting easily to all things new and different and I see the world from many perspectives.

This is why I have thought to start this most fabulous and interesting blog. I love to see people come together, share their lives, worries, cares. And I hope we can do that here.

First, I enjoy writing so expect lots from me. Second, I want to hear from you, your contributions, pictures, things that inspire you and I will include them here on specially dedicated days! I really am interested in such a huge variety of our wonderful world and so can never just have one topic to specialise in, so here it begins, a patchwork of colours!

Join in, you know you want to!