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Day at the beach


Right at the beginning of May my friend Sarah asked if the girls and I wanted to go with her on a trip to the beach! We thought it’d be a great idea, and on the day were grateful for the sunny weather!  Bags with extra clothes, some picnic stuff and off we went!

Sarah also has two dogs, Sascha and Pluto, they’re fantastic dogs and completely different to one another. My girls love them though, so we had a great time running around the beach, throwing a stick or stone for Sascha to run after (Pluto is just a bit too grown up to bother with the running now). We also searched for beach/water creatures, didn’t see much other than a few sails, half eaten crabs and a dead frog.

After a very cold walk on the beach, yes the sun was out, but the wind was so cold, we went for ice creams.  All in all, a great day out for all!





20130504_160553 20130504_160542


Fun and exciting times


I have been rather quiet, haven’t I?  Well, a lot has been happening.

I applied for a place at university in March and found out mid April that I got an unconditional offer!  A lot of jumping up and down and screaming was done, I was really really happy!  So I have been sorting out paperwork and applying for finances and sorting accommodation.  Making me most busy!

I am really excited about attending uni in September, something new to look forward to and a huge positive after quite a long time of negatives and difficult times.

I will be studying event management and no, I do not have a set plan in mind for when I am finished. (many have asked) I do plan to make the most of everything during this course and have also already started volunteering at various events to get the most experience.  Yes, I am very keen!

I look forward to keeping you all updated on happenings – next is a house move – I will update you next post!

Keep smiling