Happy New Year


Happy 2017!

No point going on about how I am back, it seems to be my track record to start and then never carry on; instead this time I have decided to take on a 30 day blog challenge. I am sort of cheating as I picked a June version I found on Pinterest instead of say, a January one, but this is me, I am rather random. I picked June for two reasons: June is my favourite month (might be my birthday month) and it has topics I wanted to chat about, so let’s get started!

Day 1: A step I have taken towards my goals

I figure 3 easy to achieve goals is the best way to start off my year, I am not one to make resolutions as I never keep any of them, however these are goals which help self-improvement and my main aim is to be happy.

  • Learn something new – I have tried knitting before but never really stuck to it, even though I have knitting bits and bobs at home. About 4 days ago I got out my knitting gear and decided to properly give it a go. I have to learn how to cast on all over again and weirdly it took me 2 days to master, I could still master the basic garter stitch though but have now taught myself to pearl stitch as well. Looking forward to learning some more, but for now getting on with the basic knitting by making a few squares which I can stitch together to make a small blanket. I will post some updates as I get further along.
  • Improve in 3 areas at work – This would take a bit more explaining, however for now; I have taken steps towards improving my organisation skills, I have plans for some fun new initiatives in the new year and I intend to make my work / life balance much more “me friendly”.  I might elaborate in future posts, but for now I will leave this area a little more vague.
  • Enjoy time with my family outdoors – we don’t spend much time outdoors, which is a shame as my childhood in Africa meant I spent as much time as possible outdoors, after all I loved the hot weather and the beach. Here in the UK I neither have hot weather nor a beach right nearby. However, we have the Lake District nearby and warm clothes, so what’s the excuse?  My first plan is to head out for a walk tomorrow, brush the cobwebs off and all that. Second plan is to book time into my busy work schedule to make sure we head to different parts of the Lake District to explore, take pictures, enjoy time together and get exercise.

That’s all for now, day 2 of the challenge tomorrow!  Feel free to share your goals with me, it’ll be good encouragement to get me through the dreary January days!

Till tomorrow






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