A really good idea!*

*disclaimer – here’s hoping!

Day 4

I work as an elected officer for a university Student Union. It is hectically busy, quite challenging and lots of fun, there is never a dull day! One of the main hurdles to overcome is finding ways to engage with the wide range of students.

My idea – challenge students, elected officers and SU staff to Bop It!

The basic idea would require a bop it per campus (we have at least 5 campuses, I know, it’s crazy!) and a Challenge Leader board. Set up, await students, play Bop It, have something fun to talk about or tell others about – engage!!

I already bought my family our own Bop It over Christmas and it’s fun seeing who can get the highest score, so here’s hoping this really good idea really is an idea worth talking about in the near future. I will definitely keep you posted!

Till tomorrow …


Few Notes:
  • Bop It Leader Challenge starts at the end of January
  • Bop It aren’t sponsoring me for this post 🙂 

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