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Guest Tuesday


I’ve asked a few people for their contributions and here is the first one. My sister, Crystal lives in Portugal and has taken photos of things that inspire her. If you find that this inspires you and you’d like to feature in my Guest Tuesday post, please feel free to comment and I will get in touch!



Me & my sis!

   My sis & I  just found a way to talk to each other through an app called “Whatsapp” and it’s been the best.  We   constantly chat, almost everyday and when we feel blue we have each other just a “TOUCH AWAY”  – thanks to her with her funny faces and sarcastic words we laugh ourselves silly in the streets and all. Laugh even more when that happens too, hahahaha!

 This is me and my sister and our lives today! The best ever! And only a “TOUCH AWAY”


The pic of the day!

   Made by a colleague at work.

Inspired me to show how good people can be when they really like doing something with their hands.

The perfection of it, the details, the feeling of satisfaction and most important the joy of giving it away to someone.

Just put your mind to it and you can do anything or above your own expectations.


From a child’s point of view

   This picture was done by my daughter Sofia. She loves to draw but what I love is her point of view with what she sees and puts down on paper. No details are left aside.

Here she has drawn our cat Micas in front of the heater on her own little blanket and the heart means how much Sofia loves her.


It’s a cat’s life!

   Sometimes at work I get really down. Not very easy lately with all the recession stuff.

But when I get home and see my cat Micas like this, it makes me smile for the rest of the night.

She has such a hard time all alone during the day and when we get home we just have to switch on the heater and she is relaxed!

She has a cats life! Not a very easy one as it’s lonely but just those few minutes of this and all is well.

Blog post  by C. Miranda, Portugal, 2013