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Happy New Year


Happy 2017!

No point going on about how I am back, it seems to be my track record to start and then never carry on; instead this time I have decided to take on a 30 day blog challenge. I am sort of cheating as I picked a June version I found on Pinterest instead of say, a January one, but this is me, I am rather random. I picked June for two reasons: June is my favourite month (might be my birthday month) and it has topics I wanted to chat about, so let’s get started!

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It’s been a while


A whole year since I last posted, I see I’ve got this yearly blog posting thing down!! I am most proud of my achievements.

A little sarcasm never hurt anyone. ūüėČ

However, it has been an exceptionally difficult year for my family. In a nut shell, f*** cancer!!  We are still carrying on, carrying on; life has thrown us many lemons and some we have hit back, some we are still sucking on.

This was my little introduction back to blogging, letting you know I am back with more adventures, challenges, fun and probably sadness, but I am back!!

This week we have “Challenges await us” & “Man, it’s freezing out” to look forward to! See you then!


Road Trip – Day 6


Updates to our road trip have been delayed after arriving in Newmarket. We have been rather busy visiting with a lot of friends, late nights and then illness. So even though it’s been great fun and really lovely, illness has made us feel a bit grotty and stopped our plans a little.

All the same, here’s day 6, which really was a wonderful day.

Since Saturday would be a day to ourselves, without any visits booked, I decided to surprise my girls. They didn’t know what we’d be doing at all, not one clue was given, they only found out once we arrived at Woburn Safari Park. Arriving at the gate caused gasps of “Oooo, animals, yay, I can’t wait”.

We started our day off having lunch and then walking through the part of the park that has kangaroos, penguins, sea lions, meerkats, fun slides and an indoor play area. The sun even decided to make an appearance and I can gladly report that there wasn’t any rain!

Our second part of the day we spent in the car driving through the Safari part of the park, they girls truly loved this! We were lucky enough to see all the animals on the safari and also managed to get through with our car intact Рbonus!  My favourite part was seeing the rhinos, they come right up next to the car as they roam freely on a grassy area, quite content. Am glad to say the bull was safely kept in a fenced off area, but we did see him running about, possibly irritated with a shiny red car passing by (not ours).

The girls favourite bit was definitely the monkey enclosure, twice one of them climbed on the roof and the girls thought it great fun. The second time, the monkey was so bold, he sat on the wing mirror and had a good look at us as well as then sitting on the bonnet, picking leaves out of the windscreen wipers. Screams of delight from my girls made the day well worth it!

To finish our day off, another surprise a short journey away was The Waffle House in St Albans. If you can go, you definitely should! For our dinner we had waffles, the girls had waffles with chocolate sauce and ice cream, mine was pecan nut with butterscotch sauce and ice cream, most yum indeed!  We even had a walk in a nearby park just before the sun set!

All in all a very enjoyable day, enjoy the pictures. Week two will be up tomorrow, we’ve been rather busy….












Our favourite part of the day!

Our favourite part of the day!


Walk in the park

Walk in the park


Holding a swan - as you do!

Holding a swan – as you do!



Road Trip – day 4 & 5


On Wednesday we arrived in a village north of Peterborough just in time for dinner. My beautiful Rhodesian/British friend Flis welcomed us into her family home for our next two nights on the road trip. What a lovely family, all three of us felt so relaxed and welcomed. We mainly chatted, a lot, to catch up on the last three years of happenings. We also made sure the children had some fun, so a trip to the park with a small picnic was in order. Lots of chatty family meals around the table made the stay most memorable, charades and 20 questions brought lots of laughs and silliness.

Flis, hubby and boys, you guys have brilliantly blessed us, we love you lots, till soon!!

Our next destination, north of Stevenage, brought about one broken nail due to a huge spider drama, much happiness about free Wifi (teens) and a surprise for day 6. You’ll have to wait till tomorrow for that!

Enjoy the pics!







On the road grub

On the road grub!

On the road grub!

Road Trip – Day 2 & 3


Day two and three of our road trip has been rather fun. We’ve been with Daniela and her two children, Jack & Niamh, just chilling out, chatting, playing on gadgets, chatting and drinking coffee. No stress, just a lovely pleasant time.

After a leisurely morning and lunch, we took a walk to visit Daniela’s mom, on the way the kids had a play in the park to burn off some steam. Then a nice hot coffee and chats at Nonna Polly’s house while kids played on the trampoline and teased the fish in the big pond outdoors. Before the rain set in we set off home again to get some dinner. Daniela made a lovely pasta bolognese, yum!!

Day 3 meant it was time to leave and yes, Daniela, we wont leave it as long as four years next time!

Enjoy the pics – day 4 will be up soon!




Cats sense allergies

Cats sense allergies

Group Selfie

Group Selfie

Time to say bye

Time to say bye

Road Trip


Time for our annual holiday and this year I have decided to take the girls on a road trip round all the towns we have lived in, in the UK. We have moved a lot and met a lot of folk on our journeys; most of the friends we will be visiting we haven’t seen in four years and miss them dearly, so we are quite excited!

We started our journey yesterday, arriving at my friend Daniela’s at 10:20pm after a 5 hour journey (coffee break was also needed). We then ended up chatting and catching up till about 1am. It’s been a great start to our journey, you know it will when your youngest asks you to tell her all the other places you’ll be going and then says “I think this is gonna be a great holiday, mom!” “Yes, I think so too, sweetie!”

We’ll try post a little something every day so come along on our Road Trip holiday this year, we hope you enjoy the ride!



Starting our Road Trip

Talented Thursday


I really enjoy attending gigs in my local area. I think it’s really important to support the local happenings, be it music or other events. ¬†I just happen to love quite a variety of music so even more reason to get out there and support all the up and coming local musicians! (and most gigs are extremely reasonably priced, so there’s no excuse)

Oddly I hear a lot of people saying there are not many gigs here (Cumbria). Absolute nonsense, there is loads happening. Get out there and search, or just ask me, but there’s definitely a huge amount of great talent and great events if you just make the effort.

I have decided to make this a regular feature on my blog since I do attend a fair few events and what a good way to talk about it and also give these guys some good exposure.

My first post is about a local guy named Sid Wright. I just happened upon him playing live in the town centre one day and thought he was great. Acoustic, heartfelt lyrics and so easy to listen to. I have since seen him live one other time and then started following him on Twitter as well. He has great banter on twitter and often talks about what he is currently up to, such as writing another book or recording some new music. He is also quite funny (though I doubt he thinks he is). I have yet to read his book, but it’s on my Amazon wish list and I am also due to buy one of his albums (also on my wish list). However I have listened to his music live and on Soundcloud and I would recommend it.

What I really like about his music is it is his own, he writes from his heart and really means the lyrics. He also has such a lovely huskiness to his voice that makes him sound older and fits perfectly with his lyrics. Definitely someone to keep an eye out for if you haven’t noticed him already!

I would also suggest having a read of his blog Рalways interesting and well worth a read!

To end off, keep a look out for some future posts of local talent such as Andy Whitaker from Highly Strung, The Soul City Walkers, Dan Mason and the recent Carlisle Music City that put on a week full of local music and was just brilliant. I will be talking about all of them very soon!

Till then

Day at the beach


Right at the beginning of May my friend Sarah asked if the girls and I wanted to go with her on a trip to the beach! We thought it’d be a great idea, and on the day were grateful for the sunny weather! ¬†Bags with extra clothes, some picnic stuff and off we went!

Sarah also has two dogs, Sascha and Pluto, they’re fantastic dogs and completely different to one another. My girls love them though, so we had a great time running around the beach, throwing a stick or stone for Sascha to run after (Pluto is just a bit too grown up to bother with the running now). We also searched for beach/water creatures, didn’t see much other than a few sails, half eaten crabs and a dead frog.

After a very cold walk on the beach, yes the sun was out, but the wind was so cold, we went for ice creams.  All in all, a great day out for all!





20130504_160553 20130504_160542

Fun and exciting times


I have been rather quiet, haven’t I? ¬†Well, a lot has been happening.

I applied for a place at university in March and found out mid April that I got an unconditional offer!  A lot of jumping up and down and screaming was done, I was really really happy!  So I have been sorting out paperwork and applying for finances and sorting accommodation.  Making me most busy!

I am really excited about attending uni in September, something new to look forward to and a huge positive after quite a long time of negatives and difficult times.

I will be studying event management and no, I do not have a set plan in mind for when I am finished. (many have asked) I do plan to make the most of everything during this course and have also already started volunteering at various events to get the most experience.  Yes, I am very keen!

I look forward to keeping you all updated on happenings – next is a house move – I will update you next post!

Keep smiling