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Talented Thursday


I really enjoy attending gigs in my local area. I think it’s really important to support the local happenings, be it music or other events.  I just happen to love quite a variety of music so even more reason to get out there and support all the up and coming local musicians! (and most gigs are extremely reasonably priced, so there’s no excuse)

Oddly I hear a lot of people saying there are not many gigs here (Cumbria). Absolute nonsense, there is loads happening. Get out there and search, or just ask me, but there’s definitely a huge amount of great talent and great events if you just make the effort.

I have decided to make this a regular feature on my blog since I do attend a fair few events and what a good way to talk about it and also give these guys some good exposure.

My first post is about a local guy named Sid Wright. I just happened upon him playing live in the town centre one day and thought he was great. Acoustic, heartfelt lyrics and so easy to listen to. I have since seen him live one other time and then started following him on Twitter as well. He has great banter on twitter and often talks about what he is currently up to, such as writing another book or recording some new music. He is also quite funny (though I doubt he thinks he is). I have yet to read his book, but it’s on my Amazon wish list and I am also due to buy one of his albums (also on my wish list). However I have listened to his music live and on Soundcloud and I would recommend it.

What I really like about his music is it is his own, he writes from his heart and really means the lyrics. He also has such a lovely huskiness to his voice that makes him sound older and fits perfectly with his lyrics. Definitely someone to keep an eye out for if you haven’t noticed him already!

I would also suggest having a read of his blog http://nobodyandnothing.wordpress.com/ – always interesting and well worth a read!

To end off, keep a look out for some future posts of local talent such as Andy Whitaker from Highly Strung, The Soul City Walkers, Dan Mason and the recent Carlisle Music City that put on a week full of local music and was just brilliant. I will be talking about all of them very soon!

Till then