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Road Trip – Day 6


Updates to our road trip have been delayed after arriving in Newmarket. We have been rather busy visiting with a lot of friends, late nights and then illness. So even though it’s been great fun and really lovely, illness has made us feel a bit grotty and stopped our plans a little.

All the same, here’s day 6, which really was a wonderful day.

Since Saturday would be a day to ourselves, without any visits booked, I decided to surprise my girls. They didn’t know what we’d be doing at all, not one clue was given, they only found out once we arrived at Woburn Safari Park. Arriving at the gate caused gasps of “Oooo, animals, yay, I can’t wait”.

We started our day off having lunch and then walking through the part of the park that has kangaroos, penguins, sea lions, meerkats, fun slides and an indoor play area. The sun even decided to make an appearance and I can gladly report that there wasn’t any rain!

Our second part of the day we spent in the car driving through the Safari part of the park, they girls truly loved this! We were lucky enough to see all the animals on the safari and also managed to get through with our car intact – bonus!  My favourite part was seeing the rhinos, they come right up next to the car as they roam freely on a grassy area, quite content. Am glad to say the bull was safely kept in a fenced off area, but we did see him running about, possibly irritated with a shiny red car passing by (not ours).

The girls favourite bit was definitely the monkey enclosure, twice one of them climbed on the roof and the girls thought it great fun. The second time, the monkey was so bold, he sat on the wing mirror and had a good look at us as well as then sitting on the bonnet, picking leaves out of the windscreen wipers. Screams of delight from my girls made the day well worth it!

To finish our day off, another surprise a short journey away was The Waffle House in St Albans. If you can go, you definitely should! For our dinner we had waffles, the girls had waffles with chocolate sauce and ice cream, mine was pecan nut with butterscotch sauce and ice cream, most yum indeed!  We even had a walk in a nearby park just before the sun set!

All in all a very enjoyable day, enjoy the pictures. Week two will be up tomorrow, we’ve been rather busy….












Our favourite part of the day!

Our favourite part of the day!


Walk in the park

Walk in the park


Holding a swan - as you do!

Holding a swan – as you do!