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Seems I skipped a day or two


Day 7 & 8 seemed to have been skipped. It’s been a busy and tiring weekend.

Day 7 – the best thing about my day was being able to speak to my brother for 3 hrs, 21 minutes! He’s my big little brother and I’m so proud of all he has achieved so far! Keep going little bro; you’re going to do some amazing stuff with your life!

Day 8 – my best qualities, I genuinely hate answering questions like this. There are days I find it difficult to think of things I am good at or things that are good about me. For now, two of the qualities I definitely know are my best; empathy and adaptability.

Day 9 – my top priorities – these would be spending time with my little family and investing in myself through reading and learning new skills that I have left on the back burner for years.

So that’s the last 3 days in a nutshell, short and sweet! I’ll leave you with a photo of our tiny pooch, Miss Tiggles.


Such a short blog of the last three days but “back to work” fatigue has hit hard, all the same I didn’t want to give up my 30 day challenge, even if I do miss posting something every day.

Looking forward to Day 10, see you then