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Fun and exciting times


I have been rather quiet, haven’t I?  Well, a lot has been happening.

I applied for a place at university in March and found out mid April that I got an unconditional offer!  A lot of jumping up and down and screaming was done, I was really really happy!  So I have been sorting out paperwork and applying for finances and sorting accommodation.  Making me most busy!

I am really excited about attending uni in September, something new to look forward to and a huge positive after quite a long time of negatives and difficult times.

I will be studying event management and no, I do not have a set plan in mind for when I am finished. (many have asked) I do plan to make the most of everything during this course and have also already started volunteering at various events to get the most experience.  Yes, I am very keen!

I look forward to keeping you all updated on happenings – next is a house move – I will update you next post!

Keep smiling