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Talented Thursday


I really enjoy attending gigs in my local area. I think it’s really important to support the local happenings, be it music or other events.  I just happen to love quite a variety of music so even more reason to get out there and support all the up and coming local musicians! (and most gigs are extremely reasonably priced, so there’s no excuse)

Oddly I hear a lot of people saying there are not many gigs here (Cumbria). Absolute nonsense, there is loads happening. Get out there and search, or just ask me, but there’s definitely a huge amount of great talent and great events if you just make the effort.

I have decided to make this a regular feature on my blog since I do attend a fair few events and what a good way to talk about it and also give these guys some good exposure.

My first post is about a local guy named Sid Wright. I just happened upon him playing live in the town centre one day and thought he was great. Acoustic, heartfelt lyrics and so easy to listen to. I have since seen him live one other time and then started following him on Twitter as well. He has great banter on twitter and often talks about what he is currently up to, such as writing another book or recording some new music. He is also quite funny (though I doubt he thinks he is). I have yet to read his book, but it’s on my Amazon wish list and I am also due to buy one of his albums (also on my wish list). However I have listened to his music live and on Soundcloud and I would recommend it.

What I really like about his music is it is his own, he writes from his heart and really means the lyrics. He also has such a lovely huskiness to his voice that makes him sound older and fits perfectly with his lyrics. Definitely someone to keep an eye out for if you haven’t noticed him already!

I would also suggest having a read of his blog http://nobodyandnothing.wordpress.com/ – always interesting and well worth a read!

To end off, keep a look out for some future posts of local talent such as Andy Whitaker from Highly Strung, The Soul City Walkers, Dan Mason and the recent Carlisle Music City that put on a week full of local music and was just brilliant. I will be talking about all of them very soon!

Till then


New Experiences

New Experiences

Had any new experiences lately? Last week I had two new experiences! I did a #twittercartest with some friends and had a proper English Tea at a very posh hotel.

I have never done a car review of a brand new car before. In fact I am pretty sure I have not even driven a brand new car before! My car is somewhat ancient and almost falling to pieces, I am lucky if I will get spare change if I try sell it. So I was very lucky that some amazing friends recently gave me their car when they moved back to South Africa.

Back to the point though, this was my first drive of a Honda Civic 1.6. It was so lovely to drive, smooth, easy, to the point. We only had it for a day so you couldn’t really try out all the features, but the few I did experience gave me the feeling this is a lovely little car to drive around and look good doing it too. It has great storage space, useful if your business requires you to take stock or supplies around with you. Also great if you need to put a pushchair in the boot or perhaps a child’s small bicycle.  Another great feature is it has an eco button which basically helps you drive economically once you press the button! Always a brilliant idea to do your bit for the planet!

I’m not giving an indepth review as you can take a look under the hash tag (twitter talk) #twittercartest or on Emma Barnes blog to get a broader view since a few of us have taken it for a test drive and spent the day tweeting our views! I will say we had a lot of fun and a nice day out.


On our fun day out we stopped at the wonderful Armathwaite Hall for an afternoon English tea, something else I have never done before! Armathwaite Hall is a beautiful hotel in the countryside, relatively easy to find (if your navigator can navigate – not mentioning any names) and full of stunning views all around. We were really lucky to go on a very sunny day, unusual for us up north!  When you get indoors the beauty just continues, an old building with some gracious features. Lots of different rooms depending on what meal you are going for. We were seated in a beautiful room with the sunlight shining brightly through the windows, it was so peaceful.  Once settled they brought us the afternoon tea. I could not believe the selection, how would we get through all the delicious food. Sandwiches, scones, biscuits, slices of cake, a strawberry mousse pudding each and of course tea and coffee. The photos describe the rest.  The service was very good and the staff most pleasant. We soon settled in, got our drinks in an orderly fashion and started in on the food. Conversation was good and fun was had by all four of us. Ended up, try as we might, we could not finish all the lovely food, however they offered to box it for us. To our surprise a beautiful blue box with a ribbon was returned to us, gorgeous service!  I must thank Emma Barnes from Blonde Marketing for the treat of such a lovely day! It was a lovely English tradition that I think everyone should try out at least once. I know it’s something my girls would love, quintessentially English.

Enjoy the photos – a small way of sharing the day with you.



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Hope to hear some of your new experiences! Till next time….