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Books & Memories


Day 5 & 6

My days have got busy again, it’s back to work, day 2 and I am already tired. Most grateful for the weekend!

Main note to self: schedule blog posts into diary to complete 30 day challenge!

Today I am sharing photos with short comments of the day 5 (books in my reading list) & day 6 (something to remember) prompts; it seemed fitting since they don’t need much explanation.


The five books I aim to read this year!


Remembering my Auntie Bev today! Most sorely missed


Memories with my Auntie B and Uncle M – when I was little

Time to chill.  See you again tomorrow.



Road Trip – day 4 & 5


On Wednesday we arrived in a village north of Peterborough just in time for dinner. My beautiful Rhodesian/British friend Flis welcomed us into her family home for our next two nights on the road trip. What a lovely family, all three of us felt so relaxed and welcomed. We mainly chatted, a lot, to catch up on the last three years of happenings. We also made sure the children had some fun, so a trip to the park with a small picnic was in order. Lots of chatty family meals around the table made the stay most memorable, charades and 20 questions brought lots of laughs and silliness.

Flis, hubby and boys, you guys have brilliantly blessed us, we love you lots, till soon!!

Our next destination, north of Stevenage, brought about one broken nail due to a huge spider drama, much happiness about free Wifi (teens) and a surprise for day 6. You’ll have to wait till tomorrow for that!

Enjoy the pics!







On the road grub

On the road grub!

On the road grub!