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Day 2 didn’t even get a peek! I woke up feeling unwell, but was determined to go for a walk with doggie and family, so I made the effort to get ready and we ventured out. Once we’d arrived back home I felt so much worse and spent the rest of the day in bed with a terrible headache, lots of sneezing and feeling sorry for myself. I even started typing for day 2, but gave up after one sentence. However you only fail if you give up completely, not falter for one day, so here is a little something on day 2 and day 3 of the blog challenge!

Day 2 – Something good from last week

Last week we had Christmas (& New Year’s), feels ages away now, which is weird after all the build up to it! There were a few good things, spending time with family and good friends, being able to relax a little after a very busy few weeks at work, eating some great food and getting some lovely jubbly presents!

The two best things from last week, however, were: seeing my teen, who suffers from anxiety, come with us on Christmas day to spend the entire day out among quite a few more people than she is generally used to. This made me smile inside! It has been a reasonably tough year which may get mentioned in future posts, but for now it is definitely the small things which keep us going! The second thing that made me really happy was having my boyfriend spend his first Christmas (& New Year’s) with us, I can’t wait for many more!


Day 3 – A time when I was frightened

Not entirely in the mood to be exceptionally personal in today’s blog post, I’ll use the excuse that I still feel unwell and don’t want to upset myself too much further. (Definitely am still unwell, but needed to find some energy so I can sort children for “January back to school” and that, as I am sure some of you know, is a right mission!!)

So spider talk it is. I am a terrible arachnophobe. It is such an awful fear; irrational and debilitating all at the same time and try as I might, I cannot stop myself from being frightened of those small furry eight legged creatures who hide just out of sight until they need to make a dash for heck knows where right at the moment I need to be getting somewhere and then my world falls apart. I often scream, so everyone straight away knows what is going on. Then I freeze and start to shake, usually cry if it is quite a big spider, but often I will call for help. Someone needs to come kill it.  Murder the spider! It is terrible, I know, and I worry that many spider relatives will come find me one day to take revenge due to all the spider murders I have committed or ordered. It’s like I am the spider mafia, but don’t judge, I feel bad enough already.

Back to the story at hand. Every time I go shower I check my towel for any sign of spiders, this is due to a whole other story, which I might tell some day, but it means now I always check my towel, without fail, it is essentially a habit from many years ago!  So about 4 days ago now, I check my towel, and low and behold, a fast black spider….running for its life (I am sure it must have heard about my reputation as spider killer). Anyway, cue me screaming, throwing my towel on the ground and then watching the spider try to run away, off my towel, onto the bedroom carpet and under the cupboard. The adrenalin kicked in and I grabbed my boot to stomp the spider to its flattened end. Important point to note, I never usually kill them myself because I am too scared of them, but that day I just did. My boyfriend came in a minute or so after and could see I was shaken up, towel on the floor and he knew – Spider! He did what he always does, started searching for it, but this time I told him I had already got it, he even had to make sure it was a spider in case I had only seen a bug of some kind and was just freaking out. But nope, I had squished it. Now, I know, it is mean, killing a small little thing which essentially isn’t going to harm me, but it’s my fear and they completely frighten me, so this day was a victory! It didn’t stop me from shaking and feeling horrid to the point I was crying – I did get hugs from my guy to help – but I did it! Hopefully this is a positive step to overcoming my fear meaning one day I can stop being frightened by creepy crawlies of the eight legged kind (and also end my killing spree)!

Thanks for reading, if you stuck around for this long! I got a little carried away with my story; see you tomorrow for day 4, a really good idea!

Have a good Tuesday evening.


Interruptions, fears and good things!